When the housing startup Arkup discovered its plan to build a floating, hurricane-evidence yacht in 2017, South Florida had simply witnessed the devastating results of Hurricane Irma, a Category four storm that destroyed loads of residences.

The company’s fashions had been designed to weather a hurricane of that magnitude, however it’d be every other two years earlier than they have become a fact.
In February, Arkup debuted its first-ever floating residence at a yacht display in Miami. Climatologists have pointed to the town as one maximum vulnerable regions to weather change.

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The charge tag for a completely-furnished residence is steep – just underneath $6 million – however Arkup has plans to supply smaller, more low cost units down the road. The organization is presently accepting gives on its first model, in addition to destiny fashions that have not begun to be built.

For now, the yacht’s sun-powered roofs and hydraulic anchoring machine come at a high fee. Its smooth designs also cater to luxurious clients who frequently favor to live on or close to the water.

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