The Sicilian metropolis that placed its empty houses up on the market for €1 each to try to reverse its decline, has offered sixteen of them to overseas customers. Though they bought for barely more than €1.

The nearby council adopted a strategy in January that has to grow to be stylish inside the south of Italy: promote abandoned houses to everybody who wants to pass in via an auction beginning at €1.

“If individuals who participate do now not bid higher, the homes can be sold for the rate of a croissant,” stated Sambuca’s deputy mayor, Giuseppe Cacioppo, on the time.

The news traveled fast and by means of tomorrow loads of human beings from the UK, Dubai, Panama, and Russia had arrived in Sambuca, approximately an hour’s power from Palermo, to visit the properties. Meanwhile, the council office telephones did no longer stop ringing for weeks.

“They have been calling from Sydney, London, and New York,” Cacioppo informed the Guardian. “A few weeks after the assertion, we acquired almost a hundred,000 emails with many capacity shoppers grabbing the primarily available flights to Sicily.”

On Wednesday, the mayor introduced the sale of the primary 16 houses owned with the aid of the municipality: the cheapest went for €1,000, the most expensive for €25,000. The remainder averaged among €5,000 and €10,000.

Among the brand, new owners are British, Russian, Chilean and Israeli households.

Cacioppo stated 50 different houses had been offered privately to foreign customers.

“We did now not anticipate to be so a success,” he said, “however what can I say? This is top notch. Between non-public homes and houses owned via the municipality, we’ve got obtained investments totaling €1m. It is a real treasure for a small city like ours.”

The €1 house income will even become the problem of a television show: the Discovery Channel has determined to shop for a residence and assign it to the actor Lorraine Bracco to convert it into the set of a program committed to the survival strategies of Sambuca.

Once a bustling town of 9,000 people, Sambuca, which sits inside a nature reserve surrounded by woods and mountains, now has about five,000 inhabitants. The decline started out whilst farm employees were compelled to go away after the industrialization of the agricultural quarter. In January 1968, an earthquake hit the Belice valley, in south-west Sicily, killing 231 human beings, injuring extra than 1,000 and leaving a hundred,000 homeless. Four cities were razed totally and others, which includes Sambuca, suffered terrible harm, inflicting extra households to desert their homes.

Other Italian villages susceptible to becoming ghost cities have attempted the equal strategy to reverse the decline, which includes Gangi in northern Sicily, Salemi inside the west, near Marsala, and Ollolai in Sardinia. They are towns that refuse to vanish and are determined do anything it takes to live to tell the tale, even though it was selling their houses for the rate of an espresso.

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