The capital of Asturias has held onto its title in the modern survey with the aid of Spain’s Consumers Organization (OCU) which ranked provincial capitals and twenty other tremendous towns primarily based on public spending on street cleansing offerings as well as public perception of ways clean they have been.

The survey found out that, on the entire, Spanish towns get dirtier the in addition south they’re at the peninsula.

Of the top 13 cities, all bar one were placed inside the northern 1/2 of us of a – with Castellon on the eastern coast above Valencia being the exception.



Madrid, which changed into shamed within the ultimate survey of this type in 2015 via being ranked the dirtiest metropolis, has upped its sport and got here in just 6th closing, with 39 points – three more than in 2015.

The city with the bottom scoring points changed into Jaen, scoring an insignificant 31 factors, at the same time as Alicante fared handiest a bit better with a score of 34.

The worst ranking towns for cleanness:

The survey concluded that cleanliness requirements were worsening throughout Spain, with the common recorded at fifty-three points, fewer than in 2015 and 5 underneath the common in 2011.

People have been requested to charge their City councils primarily based on the cleaning services they provided in addition to the general state of the streets, thinking of occurrence of dog poo, graffiti, availability of garbage packing containers and the lifestyles of “black spots” – regions identified as particularly grimy.

Huesca and Zamora have been singled out as towns that had achieved a lot to improve cleanliness gaining 12 and eight factors every because of the final survey.

While the worst performers included La Caruña and Guadalajara – which each dropped a whopping 17 points each – followed by Avila ( down 16points), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (down 13 points) Tarragona (down eleven factors). The cities of Cartagena, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Cadiz each dropped 10 points.

The survey revealed that the spending greater on cleansing services per capita didn’t without delay result in a purifier city. The cheapest cleansing bill was shared by 6th satisfactory ranked Gijon at €32 per resident in step with annum, even as Barcelona, with a spend of €102 best, ranked 29 out of the 60 cities inside the survey.

“The “cleaner” towns aren’t those that spend the maximum, nor the dirtiest ones the least, so this is not a decisive aspect,” concluded the report.

“It is apparent that climatic situations do have an influence, however, they’re no longer decisive either. “It’s civic schooling and suitable control of assets that are critical to holding an excessive degree of pleasure”.

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