A painting of two migrant children maintaining a sign that reads “Bring Our Mom Back” will dangle within the US Capitol for the next 12 months as one of the winners of the Congressional Art Competition for excessive school college students.
Dominick Cocozza, 17, of Virginia made the painting — titled “Immigration” — which functions two concerned-looking children maintaining the signal. He created the piece as a part of his artwork magnificence portfolio targeted on immigration earlier than submitting it to the Congressional Art Competition, he advised CNN on Wednesday.
“I had seen plenty of photos of kids wearing signs and stuff,” he said. “So I thought via doing this one, I should mix the message in with my inventive skills and capture that second.”

Rep. Don Beyer introduced Cocozza’s piece as the winner from his district at a reception Monday.
“This year’s Congressional Art Competition winner, Dominick Cocozza, is a pupil at @YorktownHS,” the Virginia Democrat tweeted. “His portray, titled ‘Immigration,’ will grasp inside the US Capitol for the following yr. It is very placing.”

“His paintings express emotions many of my Northern Virginia components proportion,” Beyer wrote. “I assume it’ll make a strong effect at the Members of Congress, workforce, visitors, and travelers who skip it every day.”
Cocozza, who become followed from Guatemala as an infant and has grown up in Virginia, burdened that the portray did not constitute any part of his lived experience. Usually a hyper-realist painter, he used mixed media and a palette knife for the piece to paint “these children as being very colorful and really unfastened and really courageous.”
“I think that immigration is human warfare that deserves an empathetic and felony answer — I illustrated this specific trouble to tell my friends in this ongoing vital battle,” he advised CNN. “I want my viewers so as to empathize with the war it’s presently happening.”



The painting was selected with the aid of a panel of seven National Art Education Association-member judges out of 37 submissions from excessive faculty college students from throughout Virginia’s 8th District, Beyer’s communications director, Aaron Fritschner, told CNN in an electronic mail.
The competition functions one piece of winning artwork from every congressional district, with over 650,000 college students participating when you consider that its inception in 1982, in line with its internet site.

In maximum cases painting a room is a reasonably easy project, even for the maximum inexperienced humans. Depending on the scale of the room, painting the whole room can take only a few hours, a complete day, or maybe days on cease. However, there are some techniques and techniques you should research before starting to paint with the intention to greatly accelerate the manner. Furthermore, you may want to learn how to make the job as trouble loses as possible, and discover ways to avoid any ‘portray disasters’.

To start, permit’s undergo the tools and gadgets you may want earlier than you start the painting activity.

Essential Tools and Items For Painting

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