May is Building Safety Month – simply when you can begin to wander the aisles of your local domestic improvement save, dreaming of up to date out of doors patios, kitchens and other enhancements to a residence or rental. But before you energy up the electrical drill, we’d like you to maintain in thoughts these protection recommendations and how-tos.

Hiring a contractor, allowing and inspections will most probably be part of your plan, however, you could not comprehend when or how. We are right here to assist!

Nowadays, the “kiddie” pools you purchase are getting bigger and larger. But did that any pool this is 24 inches deep or deeper needs a permit earlier than use?


Pools may be a real protection risk, mainly for small kids. Building code calls for that owners area a proper barrier around or over a pool of this length to save you unintended drownings. So be organized to use for a allow and get an inspection earlier than taking part in your summer season of splash time. For extra data about pool regulations, see our book, “Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs” and the swimming pools episode on the Code Talk podcast.




The fine weather inspires many to grow their home’s out of doors area via including a deck. Industry tells us the 2.5 million decks are constructed in the United States annually – and plenty of in Fairfax is pretty massive. We’ve all seen memories approximately deck collapses in the news, so making sure your deck is properly accepted and inspected will substantially lessen that chance.

Most often, you or your contractor will need to deliver plans for assessment before acquiring a allow for deck construction. Luckily, we have fashionable deck production plans available to post in lieu of a plan, making the utility system simpler.
If you already have a deck, make sure to keep it frequently and investigate it frequently.
Many people are choosing to update their growing older wooden decks with one product of weather-resistant composite fabric. Replacing a deck in this way most probably will imply obtaining a new allow and getting new inspections.

Our inspection team of workers has a pronouncing: If it is going “BOOM,” it needs a permit.

So — your gas fireplaces, furnaces, water warmers, dryers, and ovens all want a allow earlier than first set up AND whilst you need an alternative.

It may appear to be a hassle, but the outcomes of a defective set up can be catastrophic.

When building outdoor play structures for your youngsters, just hold in mind the size. Anything over 256 sq. Feet. Calls for a building permit. This is the same rule that applies to sheds and any out of doors “accent shape.” Regardless of the size, if you are placing electrical or plumbing on this type of structure, you will want exchange permits.

Protect yourself while hiring a contractor. It is a massive funding and there are some easy ways to make sure the person you rent is pinnacle-notch:

Verify the contractor is certified. You can look them up on Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation internet site or call 804-367-8511.
Though you may acquire allows to your very own name, we suggest that your contractor be listed on your permit application to suggest their responsibility for the paintings. Enforcement action against the contractor becomes extra hard if the permit is issued to the property owner.
Make positive you study the settlement before you signal and request a value estimate.
Always ask questions for rationalization. Check references and are seeking for recommendation while wished.

We have a unique initiative to defend older adults from door-to-door solicitors who unscrupulously prey on inclined humans with domestic development scams. Read more approximately the Silver Shield Anti-Scam Campaign.

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