Leonora Carrington Brought a Wild, Feminist Intensity to Surrealist Painting

Painting, or to read her prose, is to trap the rituals of the witching hour, when the policies of truth are upturned: Bodies remodel into birds or beasts; ghostly figures drift mid-air. As viewers, we are more than simply witnesses to this magic—we become complicit in it. We are offered a seat on the ceremonial […]

How M Narayanan Namboodiri offers a sparkling rent of life to masterpieces

Dipping a bud of cotton affixed to a thin reed into a plastic bottle of solvent, M Narayanan Namboodiri makes use of it to gently dab at a nook of an antique portray of a lady gambling a tempura. Almost tenderly, he twirls it over and over on her cream and gold garment. Discarding the […]

Painting Is Awful And That’s Totally Not A Harley

You all ever heard of a man named Jon McNaughton? If you haven’t, you are now not lacking much. If you have got, you understand he is a lunatic who calls himself “America’s Painter” and paints hysterical (in the classical “hysteria” sense), Bosch-like images of the dystopian, nightmare-measurement America wherein he seemingly lives. It’s constantly […]

Medley of song, artwork and painting to enthral audience at cultural fest

Prem Joshua and Band will take the center degree alongside Bodhi Kranti, who will dance towards a mandala backdrop. Zen Vartan will be part of the two on the alternative aspect as he paints on an 8×8 canvas live on the degree. Vartan has shared that his painting can be a tribute to the martyrs […]

Arpita Singh’s 60-yr-old legacy-in-the-making in the end emerges as a first-rate retrospective

Arpita Singh’s women are strong and earthbound, but they defy gravity and glide in a weightless world along airplanes, pregnant clouds and migratory birds. Her guys are often visible preserving flowers but in addition they tote weapons or are wearing bold black coats. In a few works, text and photo collide; on occasion they maintain […]

Painting timber has prompted them irreversible harm, specialists inform Chandigarh railway station government

Chandigarh: Officials with the Chandigarh Railway station have landed on the receiving stop of ire from environmentalists over their choice to have all trees within the place of the station painted in tricolor. A comparable initiative was finished using the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of Sector forty-nine D inside the kingdom capital of Punjab and […]

Coolest White: A Painting to Reduce the Urban Heat Islands

The growing use of aircon is inflicting many towns to hit document energy consumption levels during brutally warm summer season months. In populous international locations like India, China, Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico, massive city facilities characteristic like ovens: buildings take in warmth this is re-released back into the environment, further growing the local temperature. More […]