Retired lecturer plans to maintain exhibition of his artworks in June

Madanapalle is a wealthy repository of British-technology edifices and enormous buildings, thanks to its wealthy theosophical and Christian history.

With the passage of time, many buildings have become ramshackle, while some are retained and refurbished for use as authorities places of work. Here is a brush and palette-wielding artist who has drawn attractive artwork of these imposing systems to lead them to stay in public memory for all time.

A. Jayapaul, a retired English lecturer and important of Besant Theosophical (BT) College


, Madanapalle, is likewise an artist, who has trained several artwork aspirants within the nuances of painting. A local of Kavali (Nellore district) and a made of Sri Venkateswara University, his stint at BT College from 1981 until his superannuation in November 2018 made him devour, sleep and breathe every inch of Madanapalle.

He used to observe with awe the impeccable architectural fashion of construction behind the British technology buildings in the metropolis. Linking up this admiration along with his passion for artwork, he gave form to the crucial buildings including BT College, Sub-Collector’s Office, MRO’s Office, CSI school, ZP High School, and DSP bungalow, all of which are 70-one hundred thirty years vintage.

His paintings

Interestingly, the paintings encompass Tagore Cottage, the well-known hut wherein Rabindranath Tagore stayed in February 1919 while the song for ‘Jana Gana Mana’ became set. Another enchantment is the portray of ‘Olcott Bungalow’ on BT College campus named after Henry Steel Olcott, a senior colleague of Annie Besant inside the Theosophical Movement.

“I casually began painting these buildings and shortly realized it develops into a passion. My idea is to hold the beauty of such buildings and skip it directly to posterity,” Dr. Jayapaul advised The Hindu. He perfected the art from ‘Padma Sri’ awardee P. Sripathi and calligraphy from Dr. Henry, regardless of his busy agenda as an academician.

Dr. Jayapaul is on the point of keeping an exhibition of his artwork in June, wherein he’ll also behavior demonstration for the advantage of college students.

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