An unmarried mom of 4 fears for her children’s lives after she says her domestic has been a target of gun violence in three separate shootings within a week.

Arnica Nixon says someone fired an unmarried gunshot at her residence on Chesapeake Boulevard on Friday, May 3 and again the following Monday.

The maximum recent capturing befell Wednesday, and the damage is unmistakable.

“Wednesday morning, it was like 12: forty five all I heard was [gunshot noise] and I just sat up on my bed,” says Nixon.

Nixon says the hassle commenced after she offered to permit her son’s pleasant pal to stay with the circle of relatives quickly whilst he gets lower back on his ft.

“As soon as I sat up, tears started out coming from my eyes because I didn’t know what became occurring,” she says. “I just regarded downstairs due to the fact I wasn’t coming downstairs, and I visible the glass shattered right here and I simply knew as the police.”



It’s difficult to keep the music of just what number of bullet holes there are. Holes may be seen inside and outside — within the doorways, walls, and home windows.

Just a few steps around the corner, Michelle Hogge says hearing the one’s gunshots night time after night time has her fearing for her circle of relatives’ safety, too.

“Me and my husband [are] already speaking approximately transferring just to escape from the capturing. With my sons proper there, I’m simply more worried approximately my children than myself,” says Hogge.

No one has gotten harm, but Hogge thinks it’s simplest a depend on time.

“I already told my husband this has were given to end; something has were given to stop. I’m going to hope if one of the bullets got here my way. It ought to’ve been my son, and that’s what issues me the maximum,” she says.

Nixon says it’s too risky for her children to live inside the domestic, but she won’t be scared at her residence.

Police estimates imply that roughly forty% of domestic invasions and destroy-ins arise without virtually having to break something – that is, no pressure is needed to gain entry to the home.

Does this surprise you?

Think about your property. How many outdoors doorways and home windows do your private home have? Do you as it should be near all of them whilst you head to work? How approximately at night time before going to sleep?

Home invasion has grown to be a not unusual crime in recent times. At excellent, a domestic invasion will depart you with a lack of valuable, or possibly prized and sentimental belongings. At worst, you could find yourself the sufferer of the assault from an unwary burglar you have got interrupted. You may also find your self severely injured.

To avoid home invasions, and to tighten the safety of your own home, you have to, therefore, take proper care in locking doorways and home windows around your own home. There are many points that need to be considered, specifically while you are selecting locks or the form of windows. Some crucial matters you would possibly need to recall are –

Sliding windows: A Burglar invite

Most antique models of sliding windows are a cinch to do away with – even if they may be locked. You should probably do it your self – simply take the window off its body. Burglars who do that professionally can get rid of a sliding window in a depend on mere mins, no longer making the tiniest sound inside the manner. The more recent models are not very exceptional, and burglars are already perfecting better methods to interrupt via them.

So what should you do?

Consider now not putting in sliding doorways at all in the one’s elements of your house that can be effortlessly accessed from outside. If, for example, you’re thinking about putting in sliding doorways to your balcony, make sure the outside of the balcony is covered with grills (a precaution you may need to take anyway if the balcony is high above the ground or you have kids).

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