A younger mother lies on a crimson mattress even as a baby suckles at her breast. A tall dusky woman poses naked, her head resting on her arms raised at the back of her. In another nude painting, a girl runs a brush thru her thick brown hair, looking sideways, absentmindedly.

Nude artwork is a culture nicely preferred in Western international locations, but it remains debatable and is often frowned upon in India. Thirty–yr-antique self-taught artist Ramya Sadasivam’s oil on canvas art hopes to alternate all that.

“I was in fact drawn into becoming an artist especially due to nude art. I actually have received a whole lot of bad remarks, and I recognize human beings right here do not understand nude art for what it’s miles. I want to teach them, although it’s far in my personal small way,” starts Ramya.

For this, Ramya has been posting works by way of renowned artists like Steven Assael, Vladimir Volegov, Suchitra Bhosle, Prafull Sawant, and others on her Facebook account to expose and educate people on one of a kind works of artwork.

Yet, Ramya has had to brave through abusive language aimed to belittle her and her work. “I recognize I am just a budding artist and I understand it might take at the least 15 years to best my artwork. But some of the poor comments I obtain are very crass. In our society, nude works are usually taken into consideration controversial. Some suppose I try this to advantage interest,” shares Ramya.



“One day I received a call from a person asking the “price” for the woman in the painting I had achieved. These are simply some of the abuses I go through on a regular basis for trying to instruction my artwork,” she laments. Ramya additionally shares with us that to shield her version’s identity she usually paints them with a unique face. “My fashions ought to sense secure and I make this little alteration to my works in order that their privacy is covered.”

But these restrictions and frustrations Ramya has turned into a driving force. “It makes me want to comment on all that is considered arguably. It makes me need to preserve perfecting my artwork,” she emphasizes.

As a cultural artist, Ramya tells us that she receives to explore and experience all varieties of emotions thru art. “There’s sincerity in all types of feelings – among mom and toddler, between human and dog, among enthusiasts. My aim is to capture sincerity between people,” she explains.

Now resolute upon exploring all of the emotions which can be taken into consideration “forbidden”, Ramya tells us that she can also awareness on expressing love between LGBTQ individuals. “This is something that has no longer been explored. The LGBTQ community has not been given proper identification in our society. I need to seize and sign up their love as nicely,” she tells us.

Through her paintings, Ramya is likewise making a silent insurrection about frame photo and racism based on pores and skin tone. “It is herbal for an Indian lady to have a broader pelvis and butt area and this anatomy must be naturalized. Size zero, as an idea, isn’t herbal. Similarly, I even have also come to take into account that the oil painting method that became brought in India best one century ago is greater ideal for paler pores and skin. I find it even more challenging to bring out the multitude of dusky sun shades feature of Indian skin. These are matters that preserve me going,” she tells us.

Ramya becomes no longer always an artist. An MBA graduate, she tells us that she began practicing art complete-time most effective in 2011. The initial days even though have been riddled with doubts and competition from own family. “When I first began to portray nudes, my younger brother turned into nonetheless in his teens. One day whilst he had his pals over, despite the fact that the men took it lightly, I ought to see that it bothered my circle of relatives. Only after my first exhibition in 2014 at Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai did my mother and father start to apprehend my work,” says Ramya.

Since then her father and her brother were of splendid guide and encouragement for Ramya. “I owe it to each of them. My father has helped me sell my paintings. Today, I can proudly say my work has bought not thru any gallery however totally via my website. I even have created my personal network and contacts on this subject,” she says.

Her father G Sadasivam, however, tells us that greater than looking at Ramya as his daughter, he considers her to be an achiever. “A talented character developing in existence is a difficult feat. It is consequently our first responsibility to assist and support them in each way we will. I might do that not only for my daughter however for anybody with talent. When athlete Gomathi Marimuthu received gold currently, I provided her my congratulations. Humanity is all approximately loving, and I additionally firmly agree with that everyone has the proper to explicit their very own evaluations.”

Ramya attributes main awards, the Camlin National Award Nomination in 2016 and the Tamil Nadu Tourism State Level Painting Nomination in 2017, as validation for her art. Ramya has also acquired the Tamil Nadu Best Artist award in 2016 and the Chennai City Award Best Artist in 2017 as part of the Prafulla Dahanukar Foundation’s Kalanand Art contests.

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