The Wayne County Parkway bridge is the most-used bridge on Grosse Ile, and it’s in need of restore.

7 Investigator Heather Catallo found out that Wayne County skipped a federally mandated inspection of that bridge.

Also, the same bridge inspector whom Catallo uncovered remaining 12 months for allegedly falsifying bridge inspection reviews was the one who became imagined to order that crucial inspection.

More than 10,000 humans name Grosse Ile Township home. The township is actually a set of 12 islands, all linked through bridges. Most of them date back to the Nineteen Thirties or earlier.

Alice Stanko and her husband retired to Grosse Ile due to the fact they love residing on an island. But final April, the bridge that links Stanko’s neighborhood to the nearest bridge to get back to the mainland changed into shut down.

“All of the unexpected I saw a detour – bridge closed,” she stated. “It’s like, ‘what?” We didn’t get any notification.”

That closure supposed Alice has to drive numerous miles out of her manner to get again to the mainland, which will be the distinction among lifestyles and dying in an emergency situation. There aren’t any hospitals on Grosse Ile.

Wayne Co. Prosecutor investigating ex-bridge inspector accused of faking reports
Heavy automobiles the usage of crumbling Wayne Co. Bridges notwithstanding weight limits



“This is a massive element – mins, seconds rely on, and in case you’re diverted, you have to pass around as a way to get off the bridge to go to the local medical institution,” she brought.

It’s been extra than 12 months, however, the Park Lane Bridge is still closed. It’s additionally no longer the only bridge underneath scrutiny on the island.

If the East River Rd. Bridge over the N. Hickory Canal at Meso Island fails, 1,000 citizens will be stranded– out of attaining of emergency offerings and the mainland. It’s presently rated in a severe situation.

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Wayne County’s Grosse Ile Parkway Bridge, regularly called the “unfastened bridge,” is the main crossing used by seventy-five percent of the island. Each day, 16,seven-hundred vehicles, vans and college buses go it into Trenton. But is it safe?

“We’re concerned about the Wayne County bridge as it’s a crucial lifeline for residents and organizations on the island,” Greg Karmazin said. He’s with the Grosse Ile Civic Association.

Karmazin has been demanding answers from state and county authorities about whether sufficient inspections have been finished on the bridge. Federal standards name for underwater inspections of bridges like this every five years.

“How vital is the underwater inspection?” Catallo asked.

“Oh, it’s critically critical. The support piers keep up the whole bridge. And issues with aid piers and their foundations are one of the main reasons of bridge disasters inside the country,” Karmazin said.

In a 2007 underwater inspection, engineers wanted even extra inspections, and wrote this: “Due to the age and quantity of deficiencies, it is encouraged that this bridge is re-inspected every 36 months.”

But the county didn’t do some other underwater inspection for 10 years. Karmazin and other Grosse Ile residents want to realize why.

“We’d all want to see what the situation of the bridge is, and what their plans are for repairing it,” Karmazin said. “We want to be assured that the bridge goes to be properly maintained and repaired.”

The 7 Investigators have obtained the inspection reviews that residents were soliciting for.

One call on the reviews stood out: Timothy Drakeford is indexed as the bridge inspector on beyond reports.

Last 12 months, we showed you how Wayne County fired Drakeford for “falsifying records” and “forget about of duty.”

On Drakeford’s 2013 and 2015 inspections, the outline of the bridge’s situation appears exactly the equal from year to yr. The ex-inspector even instructed the 7 Investigators in 2018 that he was told through his supervisors to “reproduction and paste” his inspection sheets.

County officers say Drakeford would be chargeable for scheduling the lacking underwater inspections on the Parkway bridge.

“Who might consider that a bridge inspector might falsify statistics. As soon as we were aware, we took action unexpectedly. And not only movement to resolve that situation, however then study our inner procedures and say, what can we enforce from an oversight reporting structure point of view to ensure that if we ever find ourselves in that function that there’s sufficient oversight to save you that from happening,” stated Wayne County Director of Communications Jim Martinez.

“What we’ve installed region is a process of documentation and elevated conversation,” Wayne County Director of Engineering Michael Van Antwerp said.

Drakeford became fired long before Van Antwerp took over the branch, however, he says all of the bridges at risk were re-inspected and creation improvements are coming this fall to the Parkway bridge.

“We’re going to enhance the foundation of the bridge, how the peers connect to the channel,” he brought.

In the meantime, Van Antwerp stated the county is doing ordinary monitoring of the piers and monthly inspections.

“Is the bridge safe?” Catallo requested.

“The bridge is safe. We’ve load-examined it. That’s why we posted it at 26 heaps. If it wasn’t safe, we’d close it,” he answered.

Wayne County also plans to begin operating on those smaller bridges at the island that could strand citizens in the event that they fail. Those plans may be determined right here and the inspection reviews are here.

As for the previous bridge inspector Timothy Drakeford, he advised us has no comment approximately his past work for the county, however, he’s nevertheless under research by way of the Wayne County Prosecutor.

The 7 Investigators reached out to the Federal Highway Administration to look at what consequences the county may want to face for missing an underwater bridge inspection. An FHWA legitimate informed us this:

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