Herbs, like other herbaceous plant life, fall into 3 groups based totally on how they may be grown: winter annuals, summer season annuals, and perennials.

A classic combination of the bay, thyme, and parsley are known as a “bouquet garni” or a bouquet for garnishing. In this situation, the garnish goes inside the dish as it’s cooked, now not at the serving platter. Bay and parsley are on my “clean to develop” list, however thyme, alas, isn’t always, until your soil drains “flawlessly.”

The ebook “Southern Herb Growing” (Shearer Publishing, 1987) provides a wealth of information about selecting, growing and the usage of herbs. The authors, two of whom are a mom-daughter team, describe the way to make a nicely-drained bed for growing herbs in the humid South. My favorite pesto recipe comes from this ebook.

Summer Annuals



Basil is probably the maximum popular summer herb. However, because of excessive, giant troubles with downy mold disorder, it’s far not smooth to develop in most parts of the jap United States.

Even reportedly resistant cultivars nevertheless get some downy mildew.

Bay, rosemary, and chives, like most perennial herbs, decide upon well-tired soil in a full to a partially sunny spot. Chives is a bit more tolerant of wet soil than bay or rosemary, whilst rosemary is much less tolerant of wet soil than the alternative.

Bay (Laurus Nobis) is large to very huge shrub, despite the fact that the numerous plants I’ve grown over the years by no means reached that length. Nevertheless, I’ve harvested masses of bay leaves which can be extra smelly than any from stores.

Bay is an essential herb for flavoring pork pot roast and vegetable soups. For drying, harvest firm, darkish inexperienced leaves, as newly formed leaves will wilt earlier than they dry.

Rosemary is a small to medium-size shrub, relying on the cultivar.

My “Tuscan Blue” rosemary grows around my mailbox, and the mail provider enjoys the scent. Remarkably, this plant survived 4 floods, such as 24 hours submerged in water 2 ft deep. I characteristic this feat to the sandy soil wherein it grows.

Rosemary flora at irregular durations, along with in January, while few other plant life is to be had for bees.

Chives are particularly difficult for a small herbaceous herb. I had a clump for many years, despite the fact that I could never find a spot precisely right for them.

Chive seed germinates poorly, so it’s high-quality to buy flora.

Like rosemary and parsley, chives additionally serve double duty as an ornamental herb. Plump lavender plants appear in May. They may be picked and steeped in boiled vinegar to make an herb-infused salad dressing.
Winter Annuals

Parsley, a chilly-tolerant herb that struggles within the warmth, have to be transplanted in October. The seed is slow to sprout, so they ought to be planted in mid-August. Seed stored within the fridge remains viable for 10 years.

Parsley is also beneficial as a brilliant inexperienced filler plant for leafy evaluation in beds of flowering iciness annuals. It is a larval meals plant for swallowtail butterflies. Parsley should be dug up by June 1, but, and not allowed to over-summer time to keep away from troubles with root-knot nematodes.

Garlic is any other bloodless-tolerant herb. Growing garlic is as simple as dividing a garlic bulb into character cloves and planting the cloves one inch deep inside the 2d half of-of October in the Lowcountry or the beginning of October within the Midlands. For folks who select a milder taste, elephant garlic also grows properly in South Carolina.

Garlic might be ready to harvest when the stem dies back the following June. If the prefers large bulbs, they can be left in the floor to grow some other 12 months. Bulbs may be used fresh or left in heat storage for a week or two to remedy them for longer garage.

If the plant produces a flower bud, smash it off so the plant’s electricity is going to enlarging the bulb instead of producing seed.

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