If you’re searching out a mission that’ll surely challenge your DIY talents, strive your hand at installing a laminate ground. This large-scale home improvement will provide you with a sense of delight and prevent some cash. Here’s how to set up laminate flooring.

What is laminate floors?

Laminate flooring, invented within the Seventies, simulates the rich look of hardwood or different high-quit substances, but usually expenses a whole lot less. Laminate flooring planks include several layers laminated together, consisting of (in order, from the backside to top):

• paper or plastic backing

• internal center of medium- to excessive-density fiberboard and melamine resin

• photographic photo – maximum often of timber grain



• waterproof protecting coat of obvious plastic or aluminum oxide

Prep for successful laminate flooring installation

Plan wherein to move your furnishings quickly. If you’re doing an entire-residence setup, located in a single day lodging for yourself and your circle of relatives. The floors will want to be undisturbed for twenty-four hours after set up.

Ensure that the surface you plan to cowl – whether subfloor or the vintage floors cloth – is easy, dry, and in precise shape. Level the surface, if vital, using a cementitious leveling compound.

Complete all moist paintings within the room, consisting of concrete or paint, and allow to dry very well prior to laying the floor.

Purchase 10-15 percent more flooring fabric than you suspect you’ll need, to permit for slicing and piecing, plus some leftovers for future repairs.

How to install laminate floors

1. Remove baseboards cautiously so that they can be reused once the laminate floors are in area.

2. Install underlayment, taping seams. This skinny foam layer increases floor resilience, blocks moisture, and muffles noise. You’ll want a vapor barrier, too, if your underfloor is concrete.

Three. Start your installation from one edge of the room, alongside the wall.

Four. Position your first row of flooring planks groove side towards the wall. Snap portions collectively at an attitude, tapping with a mallet for a stable connection. Trim the last piece within the row to healthy.

Five. Offset next rows as a minimum 12 inches, the use of cut portions from previous rows.

6. Mix planks from three or four containers to avoid the cookie cutter repetitive look that can be a drawback of laminate floors.

7. Cut the lengthy fringe of the final row to comply to the wall edge.

Eight. Replace baseboards.

Expert laminate flooring pointers from Lowe’s Home Improvement

• If you’re finding out whether you need to deploy laminate floors yourself, don’t forget those questions. 1) Do you’ve got the time to finish the job based totally at the vicinity you’re running with? And 2) Is the subfloor in top-notch circumstance, the meaning is its degree and smooth? If the answer to either question is “No,” then we endorse hiring a professional.

• Before you start your laminate flooring installation, bring the brand new floors panels into the room seventy two hours earlier, so the wooden planks can acclimate to the room’s temperature and humidity. Stack the floors flat function inside the room(s) where it is to be hooked up and allow it to alter to its new surroundings. Acclimating reduces troubles associated with moisture, like warping and fit.

• Be sure to use wall spacers to permit room between your flooring fabric and the walls of the room. The laminate flooring will expand as soon as set in the region.

Pros and cons of laminate floors

Pros: Laminate floor substances and set up provide you with notable fashion at a low priced charge. You can select from the massive selection of faux woods, stones, and tiles. Laminate floors are also smooth to clean, resists dents and scratches, and doesn’t discolor from daylight. It can be established above, on, or underneath grade.

Cons: The foremost downside of laminate flooring is that when the floor wears down, it couldn’t be sanded and refinished like hardwood. Instead, it’ll likely need to be replaced. Laminate additionally doesn’t tolerate massive amounts of moisture, including swimming pools of status water from a plumbing leak. Though nowadays’s materials are an awful lot lower in VOCs than previously, some off-gassing continues to be in all likelihood whilst you install laminate floors. Ventilate nicely in the course of and after set up.

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