It’s a hassle Texans have confronted for many years: Roofing contractors going door-to-door after a large storm.

Consumers like Joseph Dickens said he changed into satisfied to signal an agreement and pay hundreds up front, however, he said the roofing employer vanished.

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“Right now, Texas regulation offers them no safety,” stated Dallas Attorney Steve Badger.

Badger and Texas Rep. Giovanni Capriglione (R-Southlake Dist. Ninety-eight) were instrumental in pushing the Re-roofing Registration Bill (HB 2101), which would require roofing contractors to register with the nation, have a real business address and pay a small registration rate.


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But consistent with Badger, there is one enterprise it truly is seeking to do all it is able to to kill this invoice.

“The Texas Independent Roofing Contractors Association,” he stated. “They show up and testify each consultation in opposition to this rules.”

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Carl Isett, a lobbyist for The Texas Independent Roofing Contractors Association believes the bill would create a brought barrier of entry for contractors, which could harm small groups.

“I imply, we are speakme approximately lots of fellows up on roofs who will never recognize that this has exceeded,” stated Asset. “The man on the roof might be sanctioned once and then the next time it’s a category A. So, it’s going to be difficult, I assume, to get that word out.”

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The Texas Independent Roofing Contractors Association additionally believes there are already laws in location to defend customers and that this proposed invoice is redundant.

“It seems to me lots extra electricity will be spent in informing folks the way to pick out a good roof repairer. It’s not that difficult. But there are protections in area. This bill doesn’t change cutting-edge law,” stated Asset.

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The president of the company, Jon Conner, believes that the general public of the bill is left huge open for guidelines and requirements to be determined later by means of the fee.

But Badger said the Texas Independent Roofing Contractors Association is growing unwarranted fear in Austin.

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“This bill is wanted for Texas customers who are getting ripped off through horrific contractors. These guys are trying to enhance their own private anti-regulation agenda to the detriment of all purchasers in Texas,” he defined.

Badger encourages all clients who care approximately their homes to touch their consultant and guide this invoice.

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He stated the bill is currently with the Calendars Committee in Austin and they may take a vote at the bill this week.

If it passes, it’s going to go to the House floor. If it does not, the bill is killed and they may try again next consultation, that’s in 2021.

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