A Palm Bay woman is suing the contractor she stated she paid $20,000 for a roof repair she never got.

Carrie Volpe said Alliance Group Contracting prompted greater damage to her house than she commenced with.

She and her husband Joe ended up promoting the residence and taking the contractor to court.

Other clients have lodged proceedings in opposition to the organization, too, in keeping with the Florida Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau.

“We concept we were going to have our dream house, our 5 acres, our country estate and we failed to. Not when they were achieved with it,” stated Volpe.

While dwelling in Palm Bay in 2017, Volpe and her husband sold a Vero Beach residence 30 miles away, believing it changed into really worth renovating in spite of a preceding fireplace within the attic that had destroyed a few roof trusses.

“We started solving it up to renovate it because it changed into going to be the maximum beautiful house ever,” stated Volpe.

To restoration the trusses and update the tiles in a while, Volpe employed Alliance Contracting Group in Port St. Lucie, owned by using Adam Ryckman.

Volpe paid $20,000 down on March 25, 2017 so the work may want to begin.

But she said regardless of repeated emails, calls and promises, all Alliance did within the subsequent six months was remove some roof tiles — breaking them in the technique — just in time for Hurricane Irma to roar through in August.

“They left the roof exposed all through Hurricane Irma so it simply poured within the residence at some stage in the storm,” stated Volpe. “And they left the windows open so the entire house got absolutely flooded. It prompted masses of hundreds of bucks in damages.”

Ryckman instructed WPBF 25 News that wasn’t proper.

“We took tiles off the roof to begin our activity and then she canceled the contract. The tiles are beautiful, they are no longer water-tight. So you could take tiles off a residence and it might not leak,” he said.

Volpe stated Alliance did subsequently positioned a tarp at the residence weeks later, but then it becomes too past due — she says mildew changed into putting in, attic timber became warping and the costs were mounting.

She filed a civil lawsuit towards Ryckman asking for $324,000 in damages.

“They took all of our money, then destroyed the internal of our residence after which walked away,” Volpe said.

And it’s not only a civil case arising out of this dispute — Ryckman is facing a prison crook rate stemming from the case.

He’s charged with using his notary stamp on a observe of commencement that Volpe said she by no means signed nor noticed.

Volpe said she at the start signed a notice of commencement with the corporation’s salesman on March 25, 2017, who notarized her signature.

But when she went to the city to check her allow and document, she discovered an exclusive be aware of commencement, stamped through Ryckman.

She claims he cast her signature on that report.

In an interview with Port St. Lucie police before he changed into arrested remaining yr, on suspicion of being answerable for the false signature and notarization, Ryckman told a detective he stamped the awareness in his office.

At that factor, he already was investigated via the country and found to be in violation of Florida’s notary legal guidelines. The state required him to complete remedial action. Ryckman instructed police he had to retake the notary path.

But he stated he become simply doing his client a desire – announcing Volpe signed two notices of graduation, one expired, and so to hurry up the procedure, he notarized the alternative one.

“Did you forge her signature?” the detective asked.

“No,” Ryckman responded.

Ryckman instructed police Volpe was simply seeking to get cash out of him by means of making false allegations. He stated she canceled the settlement and went after him whilst she found out the unique fireplace harm turned into so giant, she’d replace her entire roof.

“When she realized she’d pay more money she failed to need to do this and figured out a way for us to pay for it,” Ryckman said.

Ryckman’s lawyer stated they were nonetheless investigating the criminal case against him and had no remark presently.

“I think he ought to get his license taken away so he never does this to absolutely everyone else,” Volpe said.

The Better Business Bureau offers these tips in case you are considering hiring a roofing contractor:

* Make certain you apprehend the whole scope of the assignment. What precisely is the roof craftsman going to do? Make certain you understand the professionals and cons of the answers and that everything is specific to your settlement.

* Plan for the bad climate. What occurs if there may be terrible weather while your roof project is underway? Ask your roofer about what they’ll do to guard your own home within the case of rain or storms.

* Check your coverage. If your mission is for fixing the damage, check your house owner’s coverage to see in case your assignment is protected and how you have to proceed if it is.

* There are extraordinary contractors for different roofing structures. Roofing contractors may be licensed to put in particular kinds of roofs. You can take a look at with the manufacturer to peer if your contractor is licensed for their system.

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