A short visit to the website LepinLand.Com and it’s pretty clear, the toys the Chinese company sells are eerily similar to some other very popular toy available on the market: Legos.

But it may not be selling them lots longer.

The Chinese employer posted a message on its website to mention that at the request of the Chinese Government and Shanghai Police, it is temporarily stopping production of their block units starting in May.

Chinese authorities raided Lepin’s factory located in Shenzhen, China ultimate week after discovering it turned into allegedly production faux Lego merchandise. The raid grew to become up to $30 million really worth of counterfeit Legos and police arrested 4 humans, the BBC reported.


Most Lepin units, including its Star Wars series, are marketed on its internet site as “compatible with Lego.”

And now we know why. Police stated in an assertion that the toys were copied from Lego blueprints and greater than 630,000 completed merchandise had been seized from the factory, the BBC stated.

A police investigation is still underway. According to the BBC, pix posted via the Chinese government after the raid confirmed merchandise that seemed nearly the same to those produced by using the Danish toy massive, Lego.

The Lepin brand is without a doubt an inexpensive choice, regularly selling for a fraction of the price of Legos. As of Saturday afternoon, Lepin’s website had its Star Wars Millennium Falcon package listed for $313.30 whereas a true Lego one is going for $799.Ninety-nine.

Zhong Shikai, one of the police officers accountable for investigating the case, told the nation-run information employer Xinhua that there are huge variations within the craftsmanship and nice while comparing the 2.

Lego China and Asia Pacific’s vice chairman Robin Smith said the products may want to pose a safety issue for purchasers, Xinhua mentioned.

Foreign organizations in China have long expressed dissatisfaction approximately highbrow assets enforcement because of the superiority of counterfeiting. The AFP reviews the raid was a flow by means of China to double down on intellectual property infringements, in all likelihood in an attempt to ease trade tensions with Washington.

Xinhua reported that the quantity of highbrow property rights trials in Shanghai hit a report excessive ultimate yr.

Lepin’s internet site says it’s going to maintain selling all last units but will not restock in the future.

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