A painting of two migrant kids will cling inside the US Capitol building for the following 12 months.

The image – which suggests a boy and a female holding a signal that reads “Bring our mother lower back” – is the paintings of 17-year-old Dominick Cocozza.

The paintings changed into one of the winning paintings from the Congressional Art Competition for high faculty students.

Students publish entries to their representative’s workplace, and district judges pick the winners.

Dominick, who moved to Virginia after being adopted from Guatemala, told the BBC the artwork did no longer replicate any factor of his personal life however turned into a topic close to his heart.

“Immigration is a human conflict that merits an empathetic and prison solution.”

Thousands of migrant youngsters have been separated from their households at the US-Mexico border going as far lower back as 2017 below a Trump management’s “0 tolerance” coverage.

The kids were placed in shelters or foster care after undocumented adults accompanying them have been caught entering the USA without papers.

Virginia Democratic congressman Don Beyer informed the BBC he became pleased with his constituent’s fulfillment.

“His [Dominick’s] paintings expresses feelings that lots of my parts in Northern Virginia percentage,” stated the lawmaker.

He brought: “I haven’t any doubt that it’s going to make a strong impact at the Members of Congress, group of workers, traffic, and travelers who pass it each day.”



Dominick’s artwork will hold inside the Cannon Tunnel, which connects a congressional office building to the Capitol.

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