A Mid-South mom is mourning the loss of her son after a deadly shooting.

Memphis Police say American Freight Furniture shop supervisor Thomas Hartman become shot and killed after a controversy with a delivery driver.

Timothy Saunders, a former police officer, is charged with murder and was arrested a quick time after in his 18-wheeler.

Hartman leaves at the back of three kids; under the age of ten for which he has sole custody.

JoAnn Macklin says her son, Thomas Hartman, cherished his children extra than anything.

“His global revolved around them,” stated Macklin.

Now the ones three children have lost their father.



“He might flip and walk away and I can nearly guarantee you that’s what happened the day prior to this,” stated Macklin.

We discovered the suspect on this homicide case, Timothy Saunders is a former police officer from Clarksville, Tennessee.

Saunders was an officer for 28 years and retired as a sergeant in 2017.

Memphis Police say, Saunders, who’s now a truck driver, was dropping off a delivery on the loading dock of American Freight Furniture on Highway 64 in which Hartman turned into an assistant supervisor.

Saunders left at some stage in a controversy among the two, retrieved a gun, then lower back and shot Hartman as soon as in the head.

Hartman’s heartbroken mother says most effective one aspect gives her a few comforts.

“The simplest aspect that I can say relieves me and my coronary heart just a little bit is if he shot him without delay inside the face, he died right away so he didn’t just suffer,” stated Macklin.

Macklin says her son instructed her he had a problem with one precise truck motive force.

“If I’m no longer incorrect I understand exactly which truck driver he’s talking about,” said Macklin.

She says Hartman informed her approximately a controversy he could have with a driving force that would arrive around midday.

“‘Well I’m right here you need to get me unloaded.’ Tommy might provide an explanation for to him, humans are at lunch. ‘I cannot leave the front,'” stated Macklin.

Now she’s thinking what went through the mind of a former officer that led him to allegedly shoot her son inside the head.

“I guess we will by no means realize,” stated Macklin.

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