A West Fort Worth owner of a house is warning of a scam that almost value her lots of dollars and stole her peace of mind. Three guys claiming to be roofers driven their manner into her residence then scared her into paying up.

“Everybody that is aware of me continually says how hard I am,” stated Dallas Kirbie-Tucker. “I can cope with myself.”

Kirbie-Tucker has continually felt safe underneath her own roof, even when she had to update it after typhoon harm last yr. But a knock on her door this week changed all that. Three men driven their manner in, breaking the lock on the hurricane door.

“I’m backing up because he’s coming at me, ‘Hi, do you recollect me? I roofed your house’ and I’m wondering no,” Kirbie-Tucker said.

They claimed the roof needed a patch.

“And it will price you about $148,” she said.

The men walked straight to a front bedroom and despatched Kirbie-Tucker for a flashlight. When she was given lower back there has been clear water streaming down the wall.

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“Like they had sprayed water up on the wall and have been letting it come down,” she said.

The guys would not permit her to go outdoor to peer them operating.

“And all of a sudden I’m questioning oh my, oh my, that is a scam,” Kirbie-Tucker said.

Then they told her they wanted $2,500 coins. She attempted to argue.

“I began to get up and he put his hand on my shoulder right here and driven me back off within the chair and he said you’ll write the take a look at.”

Finally, she did, just to get them out of the residence, calling her bank to cancel the take a look at as quickly as they left and then calling the police.

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“All I may want to consider is God doesn’t allow them to harm me. God don’t let them kill me. God shield me because, I’m telling you now, I changed into terrified,” Kirbie-Tucker said.

She’s left feeling embarrassed and shaken, but determined to prevent the subsequent scam.

“People my age and older want to recognize now not to open the door because it’s all I did incorrectly,” Kirbie-Tucker said. “I just opened the door.”Everyone knows how critical it’s far to have a very good roof overhead. Your roof protects the relaxation of your property from harm, helps hold in warmness or preserve your own home cool, adds the fee to your property and offers you and your circle of relatives a more healthy, happier location to stay. Even if your roof isn’t always new, if you follow these simple protection pointers now, you’ll be capable of keeping your roof in tip pinnacle circumstance a lot longer than even the common 15 years protected by most warranties.

Inspect Your Roof Twice A Year And After Every Heavy Storm

The first step in preserving your roof in pinnacle situation is spending a bit time analyzing your roof two times yr, in the spring and fall, and after important storms. The bi-yearly inspections need to be performed both on the inside and outside of the roof. After typhoon inspections need to be accomplished at the outdoor of the roof, to make sure that there may be no broken tiles or gouges from flying debris. Inspections ought to be carried out with the usage of binoculars or a ladder.

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